Michael Chereda began an exploration into typography in 2012, in large part to develop the specific design elements he found lacking in the designs that were already available on the market. “I always wanted to improve something, change it, make it for myself,” Michael told us.

At the time, he was not yet skilled in the art of typography, but he certainly didn’t let that stop him from trying. His first attempt was named Casper, after the popular cartoon character, and it was a learning experience, to say the least. “It was a very naive attempt to create a font,” Michael mused. “I gathered all the elements that I liked in other fonts and blended out one font.” Casper turned out to be an eclectic combination of geometric, static, and humanistic (among other) styles, but like most artists, Michael looks back upon his first type design with humor, extending gratitude toward the project that launched his interest in typography.

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